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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Many of you may be wondering how everything started and if Carmela Coffee Company came out of nowhere from one day to another, and the answer is simple, no.

The farm consists of 50 hectares of cultivated coffee, and it has about 10 hectares of forest protected areas. The location of our farm offers excellent conditions for coffee harvesting; its altitude provides fair weather for highland production. Because we are relatively close to the Poas Volcano, the farm has a volcanic origin soil. Both factors help the balance of the flavors, the area as much as the soil composition is essential when it comes to coffee taste.

The harvest season is from December to March, and we only grow 100% Arabica, the world’s most popular type of coffee (strictly Hard Beans), and some varieties like Caturra, Catuaí, Villa Sarchí, Venecia, San Isidro, Geisha, which can be harvested separately or can be blended as well. As part of our processing, most of our coffee is thoroughly washed, then it's fermented for 24 hours and then sun-dried. We have been working with a wet mill called Cloza and for the dry mill, Coricafe.

We care for our planet. Therefore, our farming practices are environmentally friendly; we set great value in the conservation of water sources and the diversified fauna and flora of the region. We see dozens of birds and many other animals that come by, which makes for the farm to have vast biodiversity.

On the other hand, we promote and work actively to have many honey bees on the farm by planting a large number of local plants in different areas so their flowers can attract them. Bees are essential for the polarisation of the coffee flowers in late March/early April after the first rain brings out the coffee bloom.

Next time you indulge in your caffeine fix remember there is a lot of work that goes into producing a single cup of that espresso or cappuccino that you so much enjoy. It is a real labor of love, patience, dedication, and a tough, hands-on job starting on the farm for us to be able to brew happiness for you.

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