So the first time I heard "chagaccino," I had no clue what they were talking about. Sure thing, a few days later, while making one of my frequent visits to have my favorite coffee at Carmela Coffee Company, again, I found myself in front of this trendy drink name on their menu. This time it didn’t happen as usual, I didn’t have my favorite coffee, and because I’m always open to trying new things and new flavors, I decided I should just order a “Chagaccino, ” and so I did without having much information about its positive characteristics, except for the fact that I asked one of the staff members what was different from my usual coffee and I was kindly told it was a coffee with some Chaga mushroom powder added to it. In the end, what I got was a flavorful coffee that tasted very similar to a Mochaccino.

Since I felt utterly lost about what I was having, and I must confess even ignorant, curiosity took the best of me. I started doing my research to find out what it was all about and why it was so good that everyone wanted to start their day with a Chagaccino. After all, if Carmela Coffee Company was offering it, no doubt, it had to do with something great besides just flavorful. It happens that “chagaccino” is the name of a coffee drink which is prepared with an adaptogenic coffee-boosting Chaga mushroor powder loaded with a whole pack of benefits to our health; it transforms your latte to a zero-calorie, no sugar, nondairy, plant-derived, organic, vegan, low caffeine, and keto-friendly goody. It is the early morning fuel that people can't get enough of.

Studies have proven the many incredible health benefits of the Chaga mushroom on the immune system, skin, and inflammation among others due to its high content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including: B-complex vitamins Vitamin D Potassium Rubidium Cesium Amino acids Fiber Copper Selenium Zinc Iron Manganese Magnesium Calcium

It contains healthy fats, beta-glucans, and sustainable energy sources as well, and it is also commonly known to increase mental focus, and reduce fatigue while balancing energy.

While reading here and there, I learned that Chagaccino has become trendy the past few years, but to my surprise, its main ingredient, Chaga mushroom, is ancient for wellness, especially in Asia, Russia, and many other European countries. This is a Siberian mushroom; a non-toxic birch tree parasite that is harvested after five years, during which time it extracts the nutrients it needs from the tree.

You may be wondering just like I was, which the ingredients are for this miracle beverage, and the answer is, besides Chaga, it also contains cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, and Munk fruit. The result of this combination is the millennial version of a rich, Mocha-like Frappuccino or Mocha latte.

After reading so many positive things about this Chaga mushroom, I can just recommend you, next time you visit Carmela Coffee Company, don’t hesitate to try their Chagaccino, it’s worth it to give it a try not only for its incredible health benefits but for its fantastic taste.

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