Carmela Coffee Company Welcome to Delray!

As we all know, coffee shops are great places to socialize. They are the most popular spot to meet with friends, and for people who want to read a book or surf the web with a coffee and a snack, a coffee shop with a nice ambiance can be the right place for informal business meetings as well. Let's be honest; any excuse is good when it comes to having coffee, and yes, maybe a dessert too to pair with it and satisfy your cravings.

Opening a coffee shop, especially like Carmela Coffee Company, can be extremely challenging. Carmela Coffee is passionate about coffee and based on this love they wanted to create something attractive to its customers, something that kept them coming back for more, and that's precisely what they have been doing with their first three locations (Parkland, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton); they have been working hard in order to get to know their customers’ tastes so they can offer the best quality products and service possible. It's not something that happens overnight; it goes way beyond espressos, lattes, and teas. There is a lot of arduous work involved since the very beginning, it includes developing the concept, choosing the products that will be offered, hiring a responsible, committed staff, budgeting finances, and the list could go on. Combining a great location, top quality products, and excellent customer service will guarantee great success. And that’s why this coffee business stands out from the rest; they have been paying attention to all details, gaining experience, and getting ready to keep on growing and opening their fourth location now.

Carmela Coffee Company recently opened the doors of their beautiful new coffee shop at Delray Beach. A store that I’m sure will attract many customers, not only regulars from other locations but new ones since it is an elegant and chic place with a welcoming atmosphere and their usual fantastic customer service. Now Delray can get the traditional Carmela treats; everyone in the area can come and enjoy their freshly brewed happiness in a mug, the best Avocado toast in town, and why not any of their succulent desserts.

Carmela Coffee Company is the place to be. Like the other locations, Delray Beach is available if you need to book your next event, there are different options to accommodate your celebration to satisfy your needs, and we look forward to helping you. Carmela Coffee Delray, welcome to our community! We wish you nothing but the best; keep up the extraordinary work. Cheers to success!!

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