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You would think that after having three working locations ( Pompano, Boca Raton, and Parkland) plus a 4th one opening soon (Delray Beach), our website would be on track, but the reality is different. To be honest, so many things have been going on not only in our country but around the globe that we have been busy occupying our time in numerous different matters; as a result, we left it a bit aside, and it has taken some extra time to relaunch.

It's not a secret for anyone that the design of a website implies a lot of work. Sometimes there's even some struggle involved trying to make all of its components work as we want/expect them to, nothing that can't be solved though; it can just be time-consuming and stressful as well.

The good news is, after a lot of hard work, we are happy to announce that the Carmela Coffee Company website redesign is finally on with new and refreshed characteristics, we have also improved the structure of our content to make it easier for you to navigate through our page. We are beyond excited, and we want to invite you to check it out and see all of our products and useful features.

Some of the information contained in our site refers to:

- Our menu: Carmela Coffee Company not only has the best Avocado toasts in town, but we also offer freshly brewed coffee and a variety of salads, paninis, toasts, bruschettas, and some bakery products too among others, we assure you, it won't be easy to make up your mind on what to eat.

- Coffee subscriptions: if you're one of the many people who enjoy brewing a good cup of coffee yourself, get a subscription and have your ground or whole bean coffee delivered to you. Different plans are available.

- Gift card purchase: what a better way to show some love to your coffee lover friends or family than giving them a Carmela Coffee Company gift card to use either in-store or online to get their favorites.

- Food truck: bring the taste of Carmela Coffee Company to your event, ask for our food truck services and make any occasion a special and memorable one.

- Placing your orders online: we want to simplify the life of our customers and make the ordering process more comfortable through our website, enhanced convenience allows hungry customers to order the way they want using their preferred device.

- Gallery: whenever you want to take a look at what our dishes look like, you always have access to our terrific photos, if you're not hungry, we promise you, you will be craving Carmela Coffee's food after looking at them.

- Events: there's always something fun going on at Carmela Coffee Company, visit our site often and don't miss the entertainment.

The information above is just a pick on all the things you can find on our website, stay tuned for announcements, contests, or general information. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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