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The name                        was chosen to represent all those hard working, tireless and courageous women who set an example of greatness day by day.


At Carmela we honour and celebrate all women around the globe each and every day.

Fresh cup of coffee

A great cup of coffee does not just happen, it requires time, resources, and dedication.  All of which are felt in every cup of our delicious Carmela Coffee.


More than a brand, we are a group that sees coffee beyond the business it provides.   We see the positivity, beauty, and community in this industry.  We like to do things well and we enjoy when we hear people rave about our coffee.

Carmela Coffee Company opened its doors in January 2018 to change the norm to a Coffee Bar Experience.  A new American coffee shop offering specialty coffee, beer and wine. and we really love it.



The West Valley is one of Costa Rica’s most dynamic and multifaceted regions in the production of high-quality coffees, thanks in part to its numerous microclimates.

Further, modern agricultural practices are a constant, and government regulations ensure production of only the highest-quality coffees.

Costa Rica borders Nicaragua on its northern border and Panama to the south. It’s a country that prides itself on its quality of life. Farm workers -including migrants who come for the harvest - are guaranteed a minimum wage and have access to the national healthcare system.

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